Mission statements and Grand Challenge Survey


Grand Challenge and Missions survey: Have your say on the future of Hackney Central

Between October and December 2021, 1150 comments from people who live, work and use Hackney Central, informed us of their priorities for the next ten years in Hackney Central.

In response to everything we have heard so far, we have proposed an overall Grand Challenge for Hackney Central, underpinned by five Missions.

Please read about the missions below, and then have your say using the questions on the following page.

Grand Challenge

Hackney Central is changing. Our challenge is to ensure that this change makes the area fairer, safer and more sustainable, where everyone can expect a good quality of life. We will work together for the benefit of each other. 


Champion our Character: Hackney Central’s unique character is preserved and enhanced. The centre’s civic and cultural role for its diverse local communities is expanded and celebrated.

Action areas (areas of intervention):

  • Unique heritage of Hackney Central
  • Hackney Central’s 24-hour economy
  • Cultural programming
  • Spatial & frontage improvements 
  • Reinvigorate high streets


Wellbeing for All: Ensuring Hackney Central's communities feel safe and have access to the services, amenities and spaces they need to support their health and wellbeing.

Action areas (areas of intervention):

  • Crime and ASB
  • New affordable homes 
  • Public spaces for the community to come together
  • Access to local healthy food
  • Spaces for young people 
  • Physical barriers to public space
  • Street space for civic life


A Fair Economy: Supporting a sustainable and inclusive economy in Hackney Central which provides opportunities for local people and businesses

Action areas (areas of intervention):

  • Jobs and skills development 
  • Support and spaces for businesses 
  • Community organisations and economic need 
  • Green economy and Businesses adaption
  • Circular economy principles


Green & Resilient: Implementing measures to help fight against the effects of climate change, move towards zero carbon, improve biodiversity and reduce waste.

Action areas (areas of intervention):

  • Noise and Air Pollution
  • Green, zero carbon and plastic-free consumer choices
  • Zero-carbon commercial activity 
  • Green-infrastructure network 
  • Growing spaces 
  • Retrofitted buildings 
  • Decarbonised heat-network 


Developing Well: Co-creation and social impact drive a better approach to development and investment in Hackney Central.

Action areas (areas of intervention):

  • Use of public sector assets 
  • Co-creation principles in development 
  • Enabling community stewardship 
  • Local opportunities in development 
  • Transparency and tracking socio-environmental impact.

Have your say

Please let us know if you agree with the Hackney Central plan Grand Challenge and Missions:

Please click the 'next' button below to submit your responses. After you've done that, please visit the 'Hackney Central Map' page - if the missions made you think of a specific solution, add your suggestions to our interactive map.

If you want to tell us what you think in person, we'll be at the Narrow Way on Sunday 30 January 2022 between 11am-2pm.

This engagement phase has finished, check out the responses

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